Reverse Logistics

Maxicom Global provides a one stop, technology enabled, comprehensive reverse supply chain solution. Maxicom Global understands that the power of reverse logistics is in data and so its solution’s backbone is its proprietary technology platform that provides end-to-end data visibility of the returned products from point of origin to its final disposition. The Maxicom Global's single goal is to help companys to make their reverse logistics process a competitive advantage, allowing them to focus on their core competency of delighting customers through world class products.

The Reverse Supply Chain

Other terms synonymous to Reverse Logistics are Aftermarket Logistics, Aftermarket Supply Chain. The reverse supply chain is also a term used in the industry. Maxicom is not to be confused with forward logistics or getting the product to market commonly known as the forward supply chain. Types of activity common with reverse logistics include: logistics, warehousing, repair, refurbishment, recycling, e-waste, Refurbishing disposal, after market call center support, reverse fulfillment, field service and many others. 

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