Data Center Decommissioning and Liquidation

Our data center decommissioning and Co location solutions are designed to help clients achieve compliance, mitigate risk, reduce waste, and recover the value of retired assets – all without disrupting your business. We begin the program from the asset appraisal process, Where valuation of IT hardware as well software took place. Maxicom provides complete asset tracking and disposition services to support the data center upgrade, close, move or consolidate.


We have a complete data center de-installation and decommissioning team for on-site/off-site data destruction; removal of cabling, computers, servers and other equipment; disposal or recycling of the equipment; floor protection, and complete project management. Their team has experience of decommissioning sites with ten to hundreds of racks.

Data Center Disposition Solutions Includes:

  • Assets Appraisal
  • Erasing hard drives
  • Data sanitization and data destruction
  • De-installation and removal of cabling, servers, switches, cabinets, computers, overhead racks, etc.
  • Systematic disposition of retired IT assets
  • Buyout, return to the lesser, remarketing, or redeployment of IT assets.
  • Remarketing
  • Logistics
  • Recycling



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